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Verification & Completion of Immigration Documents

Filling out any government document can be confusing and extremely time consuming. Our CEO knows because her husband and two stepsons are from the Dominican Republic and she, personally, without an attorney, has filled out and filed approximately 25 petitions for her family alone.

Whether you are filing the K1 fiance' visa, i751 Removal of Conditions or the N400 Citizenship petition, we will review the document for errors and notarize any docs where notarization is needed.

Call us to make an appointment if you are needing help with filling out the petition or if you need the document reviewed for accuracy.

I9 Employment Document Verifications

These are unprecedented times; however, employers still need to hire and employees still need to work. Regardless of the effect that Covid-19 has had, government rules and regulations need to be adhered to in a timely manner. The I9 document is the document that says you have the right to work in the United States. Par Excellence Notary can get the I9 document verified asap which keeps the employer in adherence and gets the prospective candidate back to work. Call us for your I9 document verification.

Witness services Available: We have a comprehensive list of notaries available to serve as witnesses at a moment's notice. Call our office to utilize this service.

Some loan signings in Georgia that convey property require an Attorney. We are also available as a witness for loan signings, which may be required at times. In addition, we offer to notarize the attorney's document at no additional charge. Feel free to reach out to us during our MOBILE hours and we will be on our way over to your signing location at the scheduled time.

Wills, Living Wills and Power of Attorney: We are available to notarize these very important documents with the respect they deserve. Call us to schedule an appointment.